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Aussie Pepper

Kibble Pepper - Aussie Pepper - Small

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Kibbled Aussie Pepper. No need for a grinder with this 1/4 kernel grind. Shake or pinch to add to your favourite dish. PET Jar comes with a shaker top under the lid. This can be removed with a sharp knife for refilling from the large pouch.

Donna Campagnolo continues the family tradition of being committed to growing high quality pepper that will enhance the flavour of any food. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Paddy McGrath
super fresh and wonderful

I used to think the best pepper was from Cambodia where I worked but I am honestly going to have to say this pepper is even better.I will only buy this pepper from now on and I'm looking forward to the flake salt with lemon myrtle and chillie.we can trust it will be top standard .

Susan V
Fast deliver and fresh product

Highly recommended!
Can taste the high quality and freshness.
Fast delivery.
Will certainly be ordering again and again