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Aussie Pepper

KIBBLE Pepper Starter Pack

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Kibble Pepper 1/4 grind in small PET jar Plus 500g Refill Pack. That's right you get both in this value pack!

This Kibble so fresh and fragrant you will find yourself using it frequently so we have paired it with a refill 500g pack. The small jar has a shaker top that can be removed with a thin sharp knife for refilling and replaced. Perfect and convenient for the pepper lover to use anywhere and anytime.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Lindsay Graham
Returning customer

My 6th purchase over many years. This product is exceptional. This last order was for a chef friend, he is very impressed

John Kunde
Great pepper

Really nice flavour pepper. I am so pleased that we found this product when we visited Silkwood last year.