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Stevo's Chocolate

Australian Cocoa Nibs

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100% Australian Grown. Made in Yungaburra from Cocoa Pods grown in South Johnstone in Tropical Far North Queensland. 200g resealable Pouch or 100g PET refillable Jar.

Cocoa Nibs are the inside of the cocoa pod after the husk is removed. These are what are used to produce chocolate. They have a crunchy texture that goes well added to muesli, muffins, ice-cream and salads. You can also grind them to make your own cocoa powder - add honey for a smooth healthy hot chocolate!

Customer Reviews

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Gavin North
Salt andPepper

The Cocoa Nibs were too bitter for me.
The salt and Pepper was just Great The Cookies were Excellant as well—The presentation was great and the shipping was super fast --very satisfied—Great Job Thanks —Gavin