How Aussie Pepper started - Far North Plantations

How Aussie Pepper started

In 1986, Louis and Levis Campagnolo - "L & L Pepper" - planted 40 piper nigrum plants at their Silkwood cane property. Shortly after Cyclone Winifred hit, but the pepper plants were still small and luckily survived.

Over the years, the Campagnolo's learnt through trial and error the best way to grow and harvest and continued to add more and more posts of pepper vines to their block, mainly through cuttings.

They slowly progressed to establish the first and only commercial pepper farm in Australia.

Whilst most pepper is grown in Southern India, Indonesia and Malaysia, the latitude and climatic conditions in this pocket of Australia has allowed this crop to thrive with their experience and care.

Donna Campagnolo continues the family tradition of being committed to growing high quality pepper that will enhance the flavour of any food.